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We Accept Dental Insurance Plans in Quail Meadows

Our patient’s oral health improves when they have employer-sponsored dental benefits that emphasis preventative care. Dental benefits vary among different insurance companies, and even when two of our patients are covered by the same company, they may pay different fees for our services depending on how much their employer contributes to the plan. As a dentist that takes insurance, we see this often.

How Do I Find a Dentist in Quail Meadows by Insurance?

At our dental practice, we are partners with multiple insurance companies. The majority of our patients have either preferred provider organization (PPO) insurance or health maintenance organization insurance. If you’re looking for a dentist that accepts PPO insurance or a dentist that accepts HMO insurance, please contact us to see if we accept your insurance.

How Do I Know What My Dental Insurance Covers?

If you are wondering, “How to use my dental insurance with a dentist in Quail Meadows,” we can help. For example, we file claims on your behalf, if you are concerned about paperwork. You can ask your insurance company, “Which dentist takes my insurance?” or you can call us and ask us if we accept your insurance. When reviewing your benefits, ask yourself:

How do I find a dentist near me who accepts my insurance? Your insurance company should have a website that can help you find a dentist by zip code. You can also call our office as well to see if we accept your insurance.

How Can I Find a Dentist in Quail Meadows by insurance?

Does my dental insurance have a waiting period? To avoid people signing up for dental insurance just to pay for a crown and then canceling, insurance companies generally have a waiting period before you can have any major work done.

Does dental insurance cover implants? Depends on your insurance plan.

Does my dental insurance cover cosmetic procedures? Most likely not, unless the procedure restores function as well.

Does my dental insurance cover veneers? Generally, insurance companies will not pay for veneers if they are for cosmetic reasons; however, if the veneer mends a broken tooth, you may have coverage.

Will my dental insurance cover Invisalign or braces for adults? Check your policy carefully to see if adult braces are covered.

Does my dental insurance cover implants? Insurance companies will generally pay for a bridge or dentures, but not an implant.

We’re Here to Help Protect Your Oral Health

When you decide to use your dental insurance benefits, we are here to help you. Our prices are reasonable, so there is no need to constantly worry if you have reached your maximum benefit for the year. If the costs are too much for your budget to handle all at once, we offer financing options. Call us to arrange an appointment. Our dental team is looking forward to being your, “dentist near me who accepts my insurance.”

Dental Insurance Plans

We accept most insurance plans and will be happy to help you understand the coverage that you have.

We will do our best to see that you receive your maximum insurance benefits for all covered services. No Insurance? No Worries! See our discounts and offers here.

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Patient Reviews
I really like the dentist and her staff.She is very knowledgeable.
Lisa W.
I am always pleased with the thorough job the hygienist does.
Katherine Y.
Appointment was easy to get. They identified my problem and rectified it. Everyone is so nice and friendly.
Robert B.
Everyone was so friendly and nice toward me
Jill R.
Great people great place
Jessie R.
Promptness, great customer service and great feedback from dentist.
Angela M.
Dr P and staff are awesome – I came in with an emergency and they fit me in and took time to fix my teeth.
Marie R.
Pleasant experience!
John M.
I recently had a bad experience at another dental place and was hesitant to even get my teeth looked at but the pain became too much so I was recommended advance dental and I’m very happy I did. […]
Jessica P.
David B.
Dr. Palacios and her staff is very friendly and inviting. They also let you know and reassure you that they care, about you, your health, and if you are in pain. Prices are reasonable. I am going to […]
Chad F.
Everyone is friendly, professional
Jayne H.
Awesome place! Awesome people! Amazing service! Highly, HIGHLY recommend! You won’t be disappointed!
Jennifer I.
They are so nice and very professional!! I would recommend this office to anyone.
Lisa R.
The way I was treated staff is truly caring and understanding this place is going to change my life
Gregory R.
Great, friendly folks giving the best dental care with fair prices.
Stephen M.
Wonderful dental care. I had a dental issue and it was taken care of professionally. I have been searching for a great dentist and the search has ended. Thanks to Dr.. and staff!
Vickie D.
The staff is very efficient, kind, funny, and competent.
Nicole M.
Great new facility and very friendly people.
Donald F.
the best staff, all care about their patients. Dr. Palacious is great
Carolyn Z.
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