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Full or Partial Dentures as Affordable Implant Alternatives


If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, you have several options for replacing them. While dental implants are the longest-lasting solution, they may not be right for you or your budget. Dental insurance plans don’t usually cover the cost of implants, and implant surgery is not without complications. Fortunately, partial or full dentures are cost-effective and practical, and they can replace single or multiple missing teeth.

Options to Replace a Single Tooth

Tooth-supported fixed bridges are the most common non-implant restorations for a single missing tooth. Placing this type of bridge requires altering the adjacent teeth that will support the structure. Bone loss may occur over time, and a tooth-supported bridge won’t last as long as an implant-supported one. These bridges also require more maintenance.
Removable partial dentures don’t require altering healthy teeth, but they do have several disadvantages. They won’t look as natural as an implant-supported ceramic crown, and they may be less stable. Resin-bonded bridges are sometimes used to restore front teeth. They have wings on each side to attach to healthy adjacent teeth, but no grinding or other preparation of those teeth is required. They’re not as strong as fixed bridgework, but their appearance is more natural. A dentures dentist can determine which single-tooth restoration type is most appropriate for your needs.

Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth or All Teeth
A dentures dentist can also create a partial denture to replace several teeth, but these are less stable than both implants and implant-supported dentures. Partial dentures may also be less attractive, less comfortable, and more likely to interfere with speaking and eating.
Complete, or full dentures, are a low-cost alternative for replacing all teeth; this appliance sits on top of the gums where teeth once were. Some people find them uncomfortable, and they can shift, slide, or produce sore gums. To learn which option is best for your dental health, consult a dentures dentist for more information.

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