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A Guide to Diabetes for Patients

Diabetes is a disease that impacts millions of patients around the world. It is a disease that can effect both young and old. While this disease can impact the lives of many people, it is still a disorder which is largely unknown. So, to help learn about how diabetes can change lives, it is important to know what it is.

When people eat food,it is broken down into glucose, which serves as the main source of fuel for the body. However, before the body can use the glucose to fuel itself, it requires insulin. The pancreas produces the insulin which the body uses to move the glucose through the blood. Normally the pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin when food is digesting, but in people with diabetes the pancreas does not function properly. It either produces too little insulin, none at all, or the cells themselves do not adequately respond to the insulin being produced. This causes the glucose to build up in the blood, make its way into the urine, and pass out of the body.

When a patient is diagnosed with diabetes, the level of their blood glucose needs to be monitored on a regular basis. If the level is too high or too low, it can have a negative impact on the body. Several organs in the body can be damaged because of high or low glucose levels. The organs effected can include the kidney, heart and eyes. Therefore, it is important to be managed properly.

To learn more about Diabetes and how to manage it properly, we have assembled the following resources. Please feel free to use the information or share with others that can benefit.

What is Diabetes?

Symptoms and Diagnosis

Prevention, Risk Factors, and Screening

Disease Management and Treatment

Coping With Diabetes

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